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Demis stepbro Tony is attempting to investigate for his gyno class, but left behind his textbook!

Fine thing Demi has a super hot pinkish beaver for him to watch. She gives him a truly supreme lesson, and even demonstrates him where to put his finger if he wants to make her jizz.

The next day, Tony continued to probe while Demi was doing her romps. She accidentally squirted water all over herself and couldnt eliminate her clothes or else her pummels would get destroyed. Fat step-brother to the rescue!

Tony quickly liquidates Demis clothes. She was grateful, so she gave huge brutha one of the best secret oral jobs hes ever received. She made sure to drink all the nuts too so there was no evidence for their snoopy parents to find.

The next day Tony had an assignment to turn in asap. He couldnt find his laptop anywhere! Turns out Demi was using it in the living apartment clothed in her underpants attempting to buy more underwear. She wasnt gonna give that computer up no way no how. Tony attempted seducing the laptop out of her forearms by slurping her out. He has to attempt stiffer.

He proceeds to poke her rear end on the coffee table. She senses so excellent she gives up the computer, but tony has to spunk first-ever or else no deal. Demi juggles on his schlong in his apartment a tiny while longer and he ultimately cummed all over her rump.


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